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DS front coverCoveting its former satellites States, Russia launches an audacious plan to repatriate the Nations of Eastern Europe under Russian rule. Only NATO stands in their way, and the Kremlin is determined to break the U.S.-European military alliance for good. When pro-Russian militia capture key buildings in Minsk, Peter Savage is caught in the crossfire. As Peter wages a guerrilla offensive against the militia, he uncovers a deadly plot based on a global vulnerability engineered decades ago by former Soviet rulers. With thousands of civilian lives at stake, can he intercede in time?

"Crackling action, brisk pace, timely topic; Edlund’s third Savage thriller  has all the elements..." Kirkus Reviews

“From start to finish, Deadly Savage is a fresh and complete book—highly recommended to fans of thrillers, specifically of action-packed stories concerning political intrigue.” 5-Stars Foreword Reviews

Deadly Savage will leave you breathless, and worried, because it just might happen.” Gary Stout, author of Serial Samaritan and Sifting Ashes

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ITW format 2Questions about Deadly Savage? Want to know more, what's coming next? Don't miss the ITW interview in the May issue of The Big Thrill!


New CSIf you are new to Peter Savage novels, be sure to read Crossing Savage, recipient of the Ben Franklin Silver Medal for Popular Fiction, and finalist Foreword Reviews INDIEFAB best Thriller and Suspense novel

"I've been a fan of espionage, intrigue, and adventure stories most of my life. I'm adding Dave Edlund to my list of great authors.” Kevin Campbell, Goodreads

"The novel flowed flawlessly to the end, and kept the reader wanting more page after page. Plus, Edlund piqued my curiosity with the possibility of biochemically manufacturing oil instead of drilling for it in the ground. Though the story is fictional, the science behind Crossing Savage is spot on. Plus, the military scenes could not have been written better than if Tom Clancy wrote them himself.” Stephen Martino, author of The New navy-seal-6Reality

“Buckle up for roller-coaster action as Peter Savage gets plunged into a whirlpool of covert ops when his family become pawns in an international race for power and greed inflamed by the drive for alternative fuel sources. With plenty of plot twists and turns to keep you guessing, Crossing Savage is a great read!”   Gary W. Stout, Author of Sifting Ashes and Serial Samaritan

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RS cover web resRelentless Savage is an iBooks pick for BEST NEW MYSTERY & THRILLER!

When Peter Savage’s son Ethan is kidnapped by rebel forces in Sudan while on a service trip, Peter will stop at nothing to get his son home. Recruiting old friends and tapping into the expertise of Commander James Nicolaou, Pter puts together an unlikely rescue mission that will pit him against deadly forces. What Peter and his team find in the Sudan is a force far more sinister and dangerous than they could ever imagine. They are drawn into a much larger top-secret government mission, one that leads them to a hidden research site with an army of genetically–perfect soldiers.

“I just could not stop reading, the pace built up very quickly and stayed action packed, suspenseful, gripping, tense all the way through to an action packed conclusion.” Sean Peters, Goodreads reviewer

“Edlund outdoes himself with his latest Peter Savage installment, Relentless Savage. After the first few pages of reading this book, I was instantly drawn into the story. Edlund DNAsuccessfully ties current high-concept topics such as bioterrorism, genetic engineering, and modern warfare into a fast paced novel that is both well researched and written. Plus, the battle scenes were so realistic, it made the reader feel as if he or she were right in the middle of the action. I would highly recommend this novel and look forward to the next Peter Savage installment!” John Joseph, Amazon reviewer

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