Jon me for Deadly Savage group read on Goodreads!

DS front coverDeadly Savage, the current release and book #3 in the Peter Savage series, has been selected for the July group read in the Goodreads group “A Good Thriller”. The e-book format will be available for free down load from June 26 through June 30.

Kirkus Reviews says of Deadly Savage–“Crackling action, brisk pace, timely topic; Edlund’s third Savage thriller has all the elements…”

Foreword Reviews writes–“From start to finish, Deadly Savage is a fresh and complete book—highly recommended to fans of thrillers, specifically of action-packed stories concerning political intrigue.”

Here is short teaser: Pro-Russian militia have captured the heart of Minsk in a bold and swift strike, holding a number of civilians as pawns in a plot to break NATO. Unfortunately for the militia and their Russian backers, Peter Savage is among the hostages.

Sample chapters of Deadly Savage and the other Peter Savage novels can be found at Text Café. I hope to read your comments and questions during the group read!

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Father’s Day Special for Kobo Readers

kobofathersday-crossingsavageHappy special day to fathers everywhere. Although being an important influence in the lives of children is often ample reward, we fathers nevertheless have a special day. It’s an understatement to say that being a parent is a life-changing event. It is also a life-fulfilling event. I can think of no more important mission than working to raise my children to be respectful, thoughtful, kind… to make the world better, even if only a tiny amount.

My good friends have Kobo have been fantastic in supporting the Peter Savage Series. This time, they are offering a super sale on Crossing Savage to fans in the UK. So if your dad enjoys action thrillers, surprise him with the first book in the series! Hey, why not also surprise a favorite uncle too!

This day is a good time to remember that your father (and mother) love their children in so many ways. So, to the children who read this, tell your parents how much you love them in return. Don’t put it off, because one day that opportunity will be lost forever.

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The weather is here–time to write!

IMG_1405Here in Central Oregon, summer is always late to arrive. It is now the first week of June, and finally it’s warm enough to enjoy the outdoors without bundling up! I am blessed to share this wonderfully beautiful backyard with my family and four dogs. Diesel is shown here, taking a break from a marathon game of fetch.

I enjoy this space very much, and it’s an inspirational location to write my next novel. As you can see in the photo, the essentials are in place–PC, microbrewed beer within easy reach, Diesel for company, and plenty of blooms and greenery. It’s not uncommon to be visited by our feathered friends and an occasional squirrel. Although rare, just last weekend we observed a cougar sauntering about 50 yards beyond our fence through an undeveloped lot–that was exciting!

On warm, sunny days like this, I’ll spend most of the day outside–writing, reading, throwing the ball for Diesel, and walking our pack. Of course, there is the mandatory break to BBQ dinner or run a pork roast through the smoker. Then back to work.

Right, this isn’t work 🙂

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The ReAnima Project–Bringing the Dead Back to Life?

There are some names that simply should not be given to medical experiments. Case in frankpoint: the ReAnima Project, recently approved by an Institutional Review board at the National Institutes of Health in the U.S. and India. As the project name suggests, this effort is aimed at bringing back to life human brains in 20 patients that have been declared clinically dead.

What could go wrong?

Bioquark Inc. is leading the research in which a mixture of stem cells and various peptides will be injected into the subject’s brains. Reportedly, lasers and nerve stimulation techniques will also be employed in an effort to regenerate the brain, especially the base of the brain, near the spinal cord, which is where the functions of breathing and heart regulation originate.

I cannot avoid images of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. Although life is difficult to define, it certainly is more than biological functionality. Are we on the verge of true “walking dead”? Persons who are alive biologically, but devoid of personality, memories, emotions—those traits that make humans, well, human?

For better or worse, advancements in medical technology have resulted in breakthroughs that only a generation ago were indisputably in the realm of science fiction. The human genome and many others have been mapped. Techniques now exist to identify and alter specific genetic sequences. Are we close to reanimating the dead?

What will be the unintended consequences of achieving such a breakthrough? In Relentless Savage I touched on this dilemma in the context of human genetic experimentation. My concluding comments in the Author’s Notes bear repeating: “…science has no morals. That is why people must exercise their conscience. Science is knowledge. And knowledge can be used for good or bad. It is our choice.”

I hope and pray we choose wisely.

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Two Giveaways You Don’t Want to Miss!

DS front coverIf you are an avid reader, chances are you’re already a member of Goodreads. With the release date for Deadly Savage fast approaching (April 26), we are running a giveaway for a signed copy. Follow the link below to enter.

Pro-Russian militia have captured the heart of Minsk in a bold and swift strike, holding a number of civilians as pawns in a plot to break NATO. Unfortunately for the militia and their Russian backers, Peter Savage is among the hostages.

“Cracking action, brisk pace, timely topic…” Kirkus Reviews

“With inventor ingenuity, Savage must seek and destroy a bio-warfare device before it unleashes an airborne death capable of pulling the US into a nuclear conflict. Deadly Savage will leave you breathless, and worried, because it just might happen.” Gary Stout, Goodreads Reviewer and author of Serial Samaritan and Arrested Innocence

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Deadly Savage by Dave Edlund

Deadly Savage

by Dave Edlund

Giveaway ends May 13, 2016.

See the giveaway details
at Goodreads.

Enter Giveaway

Contest ends on May 13. Or, you can double down and increase your odds of winning by also entering a separate contest hosted by the International Thriller Writers Neverending Giveaway. Best of luck, and may the odds be with you!

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Enter to win a signed copy of Deadly Savage!

Combat King IIIf you enjoy entering books giveaways, but find the odds of winning on Goodreads a bit discouraging, visit the Neverending Giveaway on the International Thriller Writer site. While you’re there, reply enter the contest to receive a signed copy of the action-thriller Deadly Savage, scheduled to release April 26. The winning entry will be selected on May 1.

Deadly Savage is book #3 in the award-winning Peter Savage DS front coverseries. Like the first two novels, this is a fast-paced thriller with elements of science and political intrigue. This time, the plot is centered in Minsk, Belarus. Pro-Russian militia have captured the heart of Minsk in a bold and swift strike, holding a number of civilians as pawns in a plot to break NATO. Unfortunately for the militia and their Russian backers, Peter Savage is among the hostages.

Synopsis: Coveting its former satellites States, Russia launches an audacious plan to repatriate the Nations of Eastern Europe. Only NATO stands in their way, and the Kremlin is determined to break the U.S.-European military alliance for good. When pro-Russian militia capture key buildings in Minsk, Peter Savage is caught in the crossfire. As Peter ITW format 2wages a guerrilla offensive against the militia, he uncovers a deadly plot based on a global vulnerability engineered decades ago by former Soviet rulers. With thousands of civilian lives at stake, can he intercede in time?

Not into contests? Deadly Savage is available through major book retailers including i-Books, Kobo, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble.

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A Giveaway and a Contest!

DeadlySavage_KirkusReviewDEADLY SAVAGE is only weeks away from the release, but if you’d like a chance to win a free copy in advance of the release date, enter the giveaway on Rockin’ Book Reviews. There you will also find a review of the novel by Lu Ann Worley—@LAWonder10—and answers to some intriguing questions (Lu Ann is a very good interviewer)!

But don’t delay, the contest ends on March 15, so you don’t have a lot of time.

As a bonus, for readers of this blog I am offering a lucky recipient their choice of any Peter Savage novel, Bone low-levelfree. You may select from CROSSING SAVAGE, RELENTLESS SAVAGE, or DEADLY SAVAGE in trade paperback (U.S. mailing address only) or Kindle ebook—your choice. To enter, reply through the “Contact Us” page on my official website, and tell me who your favorite character is from a Peter Savage novel (other than Peter Savage himself) and why. And don’t forget to state which book and format you request if selected the winner. This contest closes on April 15, and I’ll announce the lucky winner through a blog post. I might even share some of the comments submitted, so be creative! Good luck and cheers!

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If My PC Could Talk…

FBI 1In the age of internet, research has become very convenient—unlike the old days of card catalogs and perusing the stacks of dusty tomes in the library basement. Right from the comfort of my desk, I can search all matter of topics. I like to think that my searches are private, but know that privacy on the internet is a myth.

Recently I found myself immersed in learning the construction of artillery shells and fuzes (yes, it is spelled with a ‘z’). And that led to research on military explosive and detonators. More than once I hoped that my efforts would not be captured by a government oversight program run by the NSA. After all, why in the world would anyone want to know the detailed construction of 155mm shells; the components and assembly of fuzes; and the relative effectiveness of TNT versus composition B?

If my PC could talk, it would have tales to tell—how I once found the specific coordinates of the Presidential Palace in Caracas. Or researched the terminal ballistics of military .50 cal ammunition. Oh yes, and the months spent enriching my knowledge of the various strains of smallpox, including incubation period, lethality, and symptoms. I’ve even comeNSA 2 to know President Putin fairly well from his many public statements—all research from the comfort of my small office.

By now, I’m sure you’ve made the connection between these seemingly nefarious activities and my fiction writing—all in a day’s work. And so far, the FBI has not knocked on my front door and invited me to chat over a cup of coffee. Although that would no doubt be interesting, it is not an engagement I’d look forward to. Of course, I’ll continue to carry out my research, in blissful hope that I scoot under the NSA’s search parameters.

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A Case of Writer’s Block

old typewriterI’ve been hard at work on the fourth Peter Savage novel, and made excellent progress over the holidays. It seemed like I was well on my way to having the first draft done in January. And then it hit me.


The ending just felt weak, uneventful, ho-hum.

That is simply unacceptable. So, I stepped back and imagined myself with the characters. After a week of restless nights (often, my best ideas come to me in the early morning hours, shortly after midnight) a finale started to congeal—starting from my subconscious and working slowing, like a blossoming flower, into my conscious thought.

Unlike the first three Peter Savage novels, I did not have an ending decided when I started writing the fourth novel. Book #4 began with a grand idea—a terrible event that actually occurred in 1967 and still has ramifications today. The plot shows the dangerous directions governments may tread if lead by paranoid and charismatic politicians. History has witnessed this many times in modern history.

Matthew Reilley, a fantastic action-thriller author, has said that he knows the beginning and the ending when he sets out to write a novel. My error here was not having the ending firmly resolved in my mind at the outset. So I’ve found myself struggling for the last few weeks trying to figure it out—and finally (heavy sigh) the conclusion is now clear.

Thankfully, I’m back to writing.

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Reflections on 2015

Diesel and books (2)Once again we near the end of another year, and it is time to count my blessings. On a personal side, we adopted Diesel from the Humane Society in May of 2015. He is a red pit bull, a juvenile when we brought him home to join our pack of three dogs. He fit right in, making himself at home in no time.

In partnership with my publisher, Light Messages, we released the second book in the Peter Savage series in April, titled Relentless Savage. Fortune smiled on me as right away ibooks selected Relentless Savage as a best new mystery & thriller novel. Then, in late spring, Crossing Savage was awarded a Ben Franklin Silver Medal (popular fiction) and was named a finalist in the INDIEFAB awards (thriller/suspense). Good news continued coming in and just before Christmas Crossing Savage topped the charts on Kobo’s Top 50 list and, as of this writing, is still ranked #1 in Fiction & Literature (Action & Adventure), Mystery & Suspense (Thrillers), and Fiction & Literature (Thrillers).

While I’m on book news, I am very happy to announce that the adventures of Peter Savage and friends continue with the completion of Deadly Savage—scheduled for release in early 2016 (ebook in April, paperback in May). As before, we will host some giveaways prior to the release dates. Stay tuned here or on my Facebook page for more information.

Finally, in November I achieved a goal I had been working toward for several years when I ITW format 2was admitted as a member of the International Thriller Writers. Also in November, I began teaching a continuing education course titled “You’ve Written Your Book, Now What?” This course is aimed at helping new authors learn the ropes of publishing and marketing their novel.

Definitely a full year, a good year. And a special thank you to all the fans of Peter Savage and James Nicolaou. Your support and encouragement is greatly appreciated.

With 2016 just a few days away, here is my New Year’s resolution: to be the person my dogs think I am, and to deliver another exciting adventure that thrills my reading fans.

Best wishes to all for a peaceful and prosperous New Year!

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