Deadly Savage receives acclaim

“Crackling action, brisk pace, timely topic; Edlund’s third Savage thriller has all the elements…” Kirkus Reviews

“Dave Edlund’s Deadly Savage is an enthralling story from its thoughtful beginning through to its multiple climactic moments and gripping plot twists. From start to finish, Deadly Savage is a fresh and complete book—highly recommended to fans of thrillers, specifically of action-packed stories concerning political intrigue” Foreword ReviewsDS front cover

“Peter Savage has been known to ramp up the adrenalin when necessary to protect his family when situations around him get out of control, and in Deadly Savage, the third installment in the popular Peter Savage series, Author Dave Edlund delivers the level of excitement readers have come to expect. When Savage and his father visit a foreign university, a vintage cold war struggle heats up and Savage soon finds himself outnumbered, outflanked, and out of time. With inventor ingenuity, Savage must seek and destroy a bio-warfare device before it unleashes an airborne death capable of pulling the US into a nuclear conflict. Deadly Savage will leave you breathless, and worried, because it just might happen.” Gary Stout, Goodreads Reviewer and author of Serial Samaritan and Sifting Ashes

“Dave Edlund’s latest novel, Deadly Savage, his third in the Peter Savage series, is a wild ride front to back. I’ve read all three and this one is the most action packed. It again links Peter Savage with his old friend and active-duty special ops pro, Commander James Nicolaou. This time they are in Belarus, where they are forced into vicious battle with Russian soldiers to prevent the release of a weaponized smallpox virus. As with Edlund’s previous two Peter Savage novels, this story is made credible in part by the science behind much the plot and the unfolding drama. The book’s detailed battle scenes are impressive. In particular the air battle, which gives you a hint of the speed at which decisions and consequences play out as jets fire and evade missiles and crew members choose and then deploy weapons at a stunning pace. Edlund has clearly done his research on military tactics and weapons. You cannot read the book without gaining a heightened appreciation for the complexity of modern warfare and the skills needed to fight it.

“The ground combat scenes are equally striking, though the proximity of opposing combatants makes these scenes more graphic and can leave you stunned by the brutality of close-quarter combat.

“Edlund’s literary trademark is not just the depiction of fast-paced action sequences, of which Deadly Savage has an abundance, but also in creating stories that display the dual nature of technology, that show how science can serve both the best and the worst aims of human beings. In Deadly Savage, we see how the eradication of smallpox, one of the great medical feats of the last century, might lead to a terrible vulnerability as the need for widespread vaccinations disappears. It’s not implausible to thing that some will see in that vulnerability a possible opportunity that might one day be exploited. Edlund’s skill in subtly reminding readers of the moral dimensions of technology, even those we assume are entirely beneficial, is a wonderful attribute of the book.

“Deadly Savage is a great read, tense and unnerving, both as a work of fiction and as food for thought.” Gordon Gregory, Goodreads reviewer

What readers are saying about Relentless RS cover web resSavage

iBooks best pick for Mystery & Suspense; CLUE Award Finalist; INDIFAB Award Finalist

“The synopsis says fast paced, action driven adventure and that’s exactly what you get.” Basingstone Book

“The book Relentless Savage could easily be turned into a blockbuster movie. The story is very intriguing as it combines the past with modern day in a way I’ve never even considered.” Planet Weidknecht

“I just could not stop reading, the pace built up very quickly and stayed action packed, suspenseful, gripping, tense all the way through to an action packed conclusion.” Sean Peters, Goodreads 

“After the first few pages of reading this book, I was instantly drawn into the story. Edlund successfully ties current high-concept topics such as bioterrorism, genetic engineering, and modern warfare into a fast paced novel that is both well researched and written. Plus, the battle scenes were so realistic, it made the reader feel as if he or she were right in the middle of the action.” Stephen Martino, author of The New Reality

“This intelligently written fast-paced international thriller incorporates hints of science fiction and global politics in a refreshing, layered novel. Peter Savage is a sympathetic, flawed character who’s easy to relate to. I also love that Edlund uses current affairs to frame his novel and incorporates real science with a dusting of fiction. Can’t wait for more in this series!” Elizabeth Turnbull, Amazon

“I read action thrillers since they are generally larger in scope and address bigger issues than the usual crime thrillers. In Relentless Savage, the scope and geography could not be any bigger. Starting with a bang in the Pleistocene era, the thriller races to Darfur, terrorism as the backdrop to a brilliant plot and relentless action! Dave Edlund weaves current events, highly plausible applications of technology advancements to present a book that will grip you from the first page and never let you go. You will never view news headlines in the same way after reading Relentless Savage.” Ty Patterson, author of The Warrior’s Debt

“Relentless Savage (Peter Savage Book 2) by Dave Edlund is a full on thriller. The reader will not want to put it down until you reach the successful conclusion. This is a book that will stay in the reader’s memory for a long time, one in which I would recommend as excellent reading material.” Reg Schell, Goodreads

“The synopsis says fast paced, action driven adventure and that’s exactly what you get. This is a really exciting book, with great action and a fantastic story line.” John Johnston, Goodreads

“Dave Edlund has done it again with his second book in the Peter Savage series! Like the first, this is a well-developed page-turner that keeps you on the edge of your seat with the plot twists and turns. We learn more about Peter, his son, and their friends in this realistic story. The story telling is rich as are the characters who leave you wanting more in the end.” Kevin Campbell, Goodreads Reviewer

Praise for Crossing SavageNew CS

Winner of IBPA Ben Franklin Silver Medal for best Popular Fiction (2015)

“Author Dave Edlund has created a compelling, five-star novel filled with intrigue and mystery. The story keeps you on the edge of your seat anticipating the laws of ‘unintended consequences’…”   Pacific Book Review

“The book is fast-paced and lively, reminiscent of a Tom Clancy thriller, with locations and action taking place all over the globe.”   The US Review of Books

Crossing Savage: One man whose bad side you don’t want to get on, and crossing him can mean more than just your life.”   Fran Lewis, author of Lies, Betrayal, Fear: Faces Behind the Stones (Vol 3)

“The novel flowed flawlessly to the end, and kept the reader wanting more page after page. Though the story is fictional, the science behind Crossing Savage is spot on. Plus, the military scenes could not have been written better than if Tom Clancy wrote them himself.” Stephen Martino, author of The New Reality

“I’ve been a fan of espionage, intrigue, and adventure stories for most of my life. I’ve read books by all of the best known authors. I’m adding Dave Edlund to my list of great authors. Crossing Savage is a great read. It grabs you from the start and pulls you into the world of Peter Savage. Peter is “everyman”–well, he’s no action hero, but he’s a great character that makes for a great story. I couldn’t put this book down! I lost sleep and was tired at work because of Peter and his fascinating engagement in the world of alternative fuels. Dave takes us into a world that we think *could* be real. This book is making the rounds at my house and it’s a resounding success!” Kevin Campbell, Goodreads

“I dare you to try to find a boring portion of this book, because you won’t–it is captivating from start to finish and able to be enjoyed by anyone. If you’re looking for a great read for your vacation, a long ride in the car or just to read in bed each night–this is an excellent choice!” Miss Wordy blog, Writing Tips 

“Buckle up for roller-coaster action as Peter Savage gets plunged into a whirlpool of covert ops when his family become pawns in an international race for power and greed inflamed by the drive for alternative fuel sources. With plenty of plot twists and turns to keep you guessing, Crossing Savage is a great read!”   Gary W. Stout, Author of Arrested Innocence and Serial Samaritan

Crossing Savage is an exciting thriller. The action scenes are well written, particularly that on Chernabura, which is as good as any extended action sequences I have seen recently.”   Dr. Ian Miller, Author and Scientist

“Nicely done… up there with Clive Cussler and David Baldacci.”   Lorraine Doyle, Amazon Reviewer


“Overall, the book’s plot has a great pace, mixing technical ideas with realistic dialogue and action. I can’t wait for the next book in the series!”   Heather Vitella, New Hamphire

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